Special inflation coverage, news on institutional accumulation of crypto and an comprehensive overview of the sleepy summer Bitcoin markets

Published on Substack July 19th

Inflation has been in the news lately, as mainstream outlets have reported high year-over-year inflation figures, officially 5.39%, and 13.38% according to the 1990-based Alternate basket.


The crypto crowd associates price rises with monetary inflation, which is blamed on QE, ‘helicopter money’ and the 0% reserve banking system resulting from the Covid-19 crisis.

Everything you need to know about the CCP’s cryptocurrency miners ban and the effects seen on the Bitcoin network + market summery

Published on Efficient Frontier’s Substack on July 2nd

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On May 21st the high ranking Chinese FSCD called for a general crackdown on cryptocurrency mining and speculation. From May 25th and June 19th local bans were specified in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen markets range sideways in a range between $30–40k. In this blog post, we deep dive into some of the charts to explain this sideways market.

Institutional exit and re-balancing

Last year, we saw a lot of buzz around the institutions and professional hedge funds that were entering our space. They provided much of the impetus for the rush into crypto markets and the massive bull run that we recently experienced. …

Lately Bitcoin technology is approaching the global political stage, just like Google did, but with a twist

Published on Efficient Frontiers Substack on June 11th

The power of internet based corporations has grown exponentially over the last two decades and many feel the power of democracy has weakened. In this environment, savvy leaders have increasingly worked with ‘big tech’ to benefit themselves and their citizens. So what’s new?

Lately Bitcoin technology is approaching this global political stage, just like Google did, but with a twist. On one hand, some entities, such as the ECB, the IMF (and of course the government of China), express worries of losing more power to ‘artificial’ currencies, insisting on creating CBDC’s. …

Why MMT experts think Bitcoin is not a bubble, Bitcoin’s latest crash summary and the most important headlines from the last two weeks in the cryptocurrency universe

Originally published on Efficient Frontiers Substack on May 29th

Bitcoin is not a bubble

Whether prices are ascending or crashing, public figure’s opinion is continuing to converge toward acceptance of Bitcoin and decentralized currency networks. Last week’s volatility may have softened the hearts of some of its natural directors.

In addition to Paul Krugman who grudgingly admitted Bitcoin is here to stay, this week, monetary policy and MMT expert Nathan Tankus explained in his latest blog post why Bitcoin is not a bubble :

“Bitcoin has survived a number of big “crashes”, while Pets.com didn’t survive one…It would be a mistake to underestimate the unique…

In this edition: “extreme” Bitcoin market wrap and how the public is waking up to the sound of the Federal Reserve’s money printer

Originally published on Efficient Frontiers Substack on April 29th

One year after the United States started the biggest ‘money printing’ experiment in its history, the American public and media are clearly noticing the changes that is happening. Two striking example lately came to our attention:

“ Every day, some new money weirdness crosses our feeds,” wrote New York Magazine the same week. The famous publication owned by Vox media dedicated the cover of its last issue to the changes in the value and meaning of money, and surprisingly actually shared the following quotes:

  • “The credible-scarcity component of our existing currencies…

We’ve aggregated the massive torrent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of late below, with a market update and a summary of The Economist’s special report on GovCoin and CBDCs

Originally published on Efficient Frontiers Substack on January May 15th

Is this real life? The latest crypto headlines have been Elon Musk (Tesla’s CEO) swearing not to make Bitcoin transactions, the CEO of Facebook naming his pet goat Bitcoin and the CEO of Geometric saying “SpaceX have solidified DOGE as a unit of account for lunar business in the space sector” (for more serious news see the news & links section). In addition to the market overview we’ve added a summary of The Economist’s special report on GovCoin and CBDCs. Enjoy!

The Economist’s special report on GovCoin and CBDC

The Economist magazine is one of the oldest and…

Two signs the retail frenzy for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has returned, market overview and news compilation

Originally published on Efficient Frontiers Substack on January April 10th

As summer begins in the northern hemisphere, Bitcoin has ended its best Q1 in 8 years and the cryptocurrency market awaits its first major company’s IPO (Coinbase on April 14th). Since our last newsletter Consolidation Edition, Bitcoin’s price rose from $51,358 to around $56,500 in two days, and since has been ranging between $60,000 per-coin to $54,000, currently at $58,000. Etherum is holding above $2,000 for the first time, now at $2080.

Two metrics, the “Kimchi” South Korean Bitcoin premium, and Bitcoin futures premiums (basis) may hint that retail excitement…

In this edition: Market wrap and summary of Deutsche Bank’s Bitcoin report

Originally published on Efficient Frontier Substack on March 26th

Bitcoin’s price is close to finishing its 6th week above $40,000 after trading in the last week between $52,000 to $60,000. Yesterday Tesla surprisingly announced on Twitter they will be accepting Bitcoin for electric cars and the price shot up to $57,272. However, it quickly lost momentum and dropped to a low of $50,400 at the time of writing, with many market participants expressing negative sentiment.

And how does this tie in with the GBTC premium going negative? What do Google and the Iranian government have in common? And all the rest of the crypto news and market wrap

First, a quick update

After spending 10 days under 50K per-coin, Bitcoin reached a new record price this Sunday: $61,699, after a nerve-racking dip to $43,300, when many institutions sold down profitable positions, driving the GBTC premium negative.

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