Do institutions have weak hands?

And how does this tie in with the GBTC premium going negative? What do Google and the Iranian government have in common? And all the rest of the crypto news and market wrap

First, a quick update

Left: Bitcoin Open Interest in USD, right: Bitcoin Open Interest in BTC
Above: Amount of Bitcoin leaving exchanges has come to a halt

Do institutions have weak hands?

Orange: number of Bitcoin addresses with over 1,000 Bitcoins. Black: BTC/USD
Pink: GBTC premium, orange: Bitcoin price, blue: Number of Bitcoin in GBTC
Pink: GBTC premium. Black: Number of Bitcoin addresses with over 1000 Bitcoins
CME Bitcoin open interest

Art of marketing

Google trends show interest is NFTs in the US has reached levels comparable to Etherum

What do Google and Iran have in common?




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